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I have purchased 5 properties with Rebecca’s help and have recommended her to many friends and family. She has a deep knowledge of St. Petersburg and each of the areas, and property associations, and current market trends. She has been very dedicated in helping me find solid investment properties, and will make herself available at a moments notice. She has a keen eye for hidden issues in the home, and ensures the home inspectors thoroughly investigate problems with property and ensure repairs are completed by the seller prior to settlement, if necessary. She is a tireless advocate for her buyers, as she guides you through the sales process. I have tremendous confidence in her abilities and knowledge and have no hesitation in recommending her to potential buyers or sellers.

Laura Salamido

A friend recommended Rebecca to me when I was looking for a condo. I am really grateful to my friend for recommending Rebecca, and to Rebecca for finding something that is a real fit for my family and me. Rebecca listens to clients to learn their preferences and then works hard to show a variety of products. She is honest to the core. There were several occasions where I was attracted to a product, but Rebecca steered me away due to issues she had noticed. With her extensive background in real estate, Rebecca can see drawbacks that the average person would not notice, and she is forthright in drawing attention to those drawbacks instead of allowing one of her clients to proceed with an unwise purchase. Whether I am buying or selling, Rebecca would be my top choice. She is the ultimate professional. She also is very genuine, and is a fun and interesting person to be around.

Carol Briam

As a first time home buyer we hoped going in to the process that it would be as painless as possible. Rebecca made it very easy for us:) She explained everything as we were going along and kept us informed on a daily basis where we were with everything. She was always available with any questions or concerns. She was professional, knowledgeable and aggressive with getting things done in a timely manner for us. We HIGHLY recommend her!

Krista McIntosh

Rebecca Larson has been a Godsend! We were challenging clients with no real direction and clear ability to communicate what we wanted in a home. Rebecca provided us with maps, and drive us through a variety of neighborhoods. Condos, Townhomes, Single Family we had no idea of that either! We must have seen at least 25 options! Rebecca never lost patients or made us feel as though we were wasting her time. I know she was busy!! This market is crazy and even so, her wisdom, professionalism and vision helped us find the perfect home for us. I have bought and sold many homes she is a STAND OUT!! I can’t imagine making such important decisions without the kindheartedness of a genuine consciousness realtor! Robyn & Mark Fehnel ” Happy New Homeowners “

Robyn Fehnel

I am not a “techie” person, but I feel so strongly about Rebecca Larson’s work that I have asked my friend Angela to post this on my behalf. I am pleased to share a recent event I had the pleasure of experiencing with a Dynamic Realtor, Rebecca Larsen. We recently worked together on the preparation/sale of a property located in Kenneth City, Fl. It began when I was asked to review a buyer’s home inspection report and with Rebecca’s assistance and direction coordinate the repairs and upgrades which she conveyed to the sellers were necessary in order to insure and acquire the agreed contract price they desired. She was Dead On! The price she ultimately obtained was very pleasing to the sellers due in great part to her efforts in both the initial staging/preparation of the property and managing the buyer requests H I report to achieve the very successful end results. Typically, my experience has been one of agents stepping back and waiting for the buyer upgrades or repairs to be completed. Not in this case, Rebecca was on top of H I report and asked pertinent questions and was updated at her request in order that she would know the current status at all times. Using Rebecca as an agent, the sellers and buyers will have nothing to worry about and can rest assured that their best interests are protected and that the execution of work to be performed is compliant with what was decided and determined to be done in both a professional and timely fashion. It was my pleasure to have worked with a truly dedicated and professional individual. From the initial signing of the listing agreement, the preparations to the property, then to the day of the final walk thru and closing Rebecca had control of the situation. Jay Howat
Rebecca Larson, Real Estate Advisor (owner)

Angela McIntosh

This is our second dealing with Rebecca. We could have chosen any real estate agent, but we knew her and liked her when she sold us our townhouse. She was always easily available, always knowledgeable and always helpful. Unlike some agents with whom we’ve dealt, she was honest and straightforward. We knew the truth and acted on that. She has my highest recommendation!

Jay Goley

Rebecca helped me buy my first home a few months ago, and I would not hesitate to work with her again and to recommend her as an agent to friends and family. As I was new to the process, I had a lot of questions and concerns, and was grateful to have Rebecca patiently guide me through the process, provide explanations, and come up with solutions to tricky situations. And this transaction certainly turned out to be a tricky one! But Rebecca remained professional, responsive, and supportive, dedicated to figuring out just how to get us to the closing date. Rebecca is an experienced professional with a thorough understanding of the market and the St Pete area in particular. In addition, she has a vast network of reliable tried-and-true professionals that can provide advice and services – be that appraisers, inspectors, repairmen, insurance agents, or lawyers – and so she can tackle any question from any angle. Cannot recommend her enough!

Dasha Kosmynina

I signed up with Rebecca’s website because her Ad felt warm, friendly and knowledgeable with a strong focus on local expertise. At the time my husband and I were torn between renovating and moving but just from the automatic search criteria we set up, Rebecca found houses that we didn’t even realise were exactly what we were looking for. Within 2 weeks I found the my Dream Home ! This isn’t my first Rodeo, in fact this is my 4th house and hand on heart never has it been so easy to spend so much money ! Rebecca took care of everything and even when there were bumps, she made them vanish almost before we noticed they were there. The entire process from deciding to buy to closing took 6 weeks and that includes arranging Financing (A company recommended by Rebecca, always use a professional Rebecca recommends, you won’t regret it) Rebecca even smoothed the way in the sale of our own house although we sold it directly and she wasn’t agent for us. I can not praise Rebecca enough. The best decision I have ever made was to sign up to her website (OK, maybe marrying my husband was the best but this was a close second) Whether buying or selling, you can trust that once you place yourself in Rebecca’s hands, the contract is as good as signed.

Sammy DZ

Rebecca is a one of a kind realtor. She helped us buy a house in Kenwood in St. Pete during this time of incredibly low inventory. Her strategies to get us the best price and get the place off the market immediately worked perfectly! We live out of town (we bought a second home) and Rebecca coordinated all of our initial contractors and even met them at our house while we were out of town so that we could get into the place right away. She’s warm, responsive and easy to work with. We recommend her without hesitation!

Sara Ryan

Rebecca’s successful business is a result of her diligence, responsiveness, and communication. She is a take charge agent and truly a professional!

Cindy Weinel